“Non-Approved BuckEye Cam Products”

We continuously have other manufacturers contacting us wanting to manufacture some sort of add on device to our wireless system. We try and work with them as long as there is not a conflict of interest.

Whether they are wanting get on our network, add their own product to our line or just get a testing approval from us to insure that the product they are selling doesn’t void the Factory BuckEye Cam warranty. Because at the end of the day if their product is causing or has the potential to cause damage to our product, that would obviously void the warranty and the consumer should know this prior to purchasing the product. This is what this post is about. Notifying the public.

There is a company producing a product that does just that. This product bypasses the built in control and security circuit of the BuckEye Cam system which creates a potentially hazardous situation at worst and just shuts the camera down periodically at best. So to use this particular panel is jeopardizing your entire system.
Without giving out our proprietary information I can just say that the camera is expecting certain very specific results from the battery box and any deviations from those expected results the camera will shut down.

In essence if add-on product is not officially approved to work with our BuckEye Cam system the system will detect it and just shutdown periodically as a safety precaution. It is the fail safe mode of the system to protect everyone.

Here is a link to such a device that is not approved to work with our system and VOIDS the factory warranty. http://www.buckeyecam.com/main/WilliamsRDM-Smart-Solar-Rock-vs-Buckey-11_19_2020.pdf