Strange times for sure…..

Just finished up a conference meeting with the entire company in light of the recent events.  We wanted to come up with a plan in order to try and reduce the exposure risks to all the employees without having it affect their income.

What we came up with is for the next two weeks is a fluid plan focusing on reducing and in some cases eliminating exposure as much as possible. Some of our employees will be working remotely 4 to 5 days a week for the next couple of weeks. Others may be working every other day or even skip 1 week and work the next. Trying to be most considerate of those who at higher risks but in the end the key is trying to keep everyone safe.

Financially, we have it set that everyone will still get their normal pay regardless if they work completely from home, have nothing to do or those who will alternate days as needed.
As with most things we do at ATSI our focus is keeping our employees successful. Some will get paid to stay at home and others may have to work remotely and still other may come in a couple days a week. But even those can choose to not come in at all if they so desire.

In a nut shell, everyone is going to get paid for the next two weeks – regardless of the time they actually work. They won’t have to use vacation time or miss out on hours worked. They will just get paid.

In a couple of weeks this may be over with and we can go back to normal as we know it. But until that time we are committed to backing our employees through this uncertain time. We have their back…


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