COVID-19 Spam attack

Apparently since the pandemic outbreak, it is ok for every single company on the universe to spam the crap out of everyone.

Every single company out there has taken the liberty to circumvent the Can-Spam Act in order to remind us that they will now supply hand sanitizer to their customers that visit their location. Which is great, except you are an online company!
Or “we have implemented a hand washing policy and wanted to let you know”… Adding buzz words like committed or diligent…

I mean seriously everyone can do without the soft spamming that is going on right now. I think it’s great that every corporation out there is stepping up and taking this seriously. However, I do not think it is great that their marketing department has also stepped up their email game so as not to be left out.

This is just in from our ONLINE Bank…. that we have never visited, ever and have zero plans on ever visiting….. It’s just a way for them to send me a marketing script and remind me that I may want to use their online services and oh don’t forget to wash your hands….

“We have long had contingency plans in place that will ensure that your banking experience remains as normal as possible during this emergency. We plan to do this in a way that protects the health and safety of you and your community bankers.

The other side of this is why are companies feeling it is necessary to tell me (or admit rather) something they should have been doing all along. But now they make it sound like science break through that they are going to start cleaning things commonly touched by large groups of customers?

We have asked employees who are exhibiting symptoms to stay home, and our employees who can work from home are doing so. Our sick time procedures provide compensation and support for our employees to do so.

I mean was it your policy to have sick employees come to work before the outbreak?? Seems odd to send this to me in an email….

Probably even worse is that most of these read like – “We never really cleaned ANYTHING before the outbreak but now we want you to know we are absolutely committed to washing our hands and, you know, cleaning the office every now and then…..”  I mean for Pete’s sake, what the heck were you doing before????

Seriously, I am going to start posting every one of these I get if they don’t stop…. (Just kidding I wouldn’t do that to you)… But it is bad….

I have to go wash my hands now and sing happy birthday 2 times….

Stay clean everyone….. Stay clean…..

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