What makes BuckEye Cam different?

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So what makes BuckEye Cam different than others?
That’s an open ended question that when asked, usually there is a point to be made either one side or the other.
What makes us different? Well usually the biggest point is that we have been in business since 1985. In our industry, that’s unheard of….. Most companies in our industry are moving on 2 year cycles. They pop up, hang around for 2 years and then disappear..

Knowing that most want a flashy “we participated in the moon landing” sort of answer, only to find out one of our biggest differences is that we have been in business basically forever, is less than dazzling. But in reality it is a big deal.
What good is a “lifetime warranty” if the company offering it is going to be out of business next year?

Yes, we service what we sell…..
We actually have a real life service department that actually performs repairs. We actually have trained technicians that specialize in our wireless products that will answer the phone, respond to emails and online chat’s. That kind of makes us different.
Remote assistance – in the rare chance you have an issue that we can’t seem to figure out over the phone or via email we also offer free remote assistance. So, if you require remote assistance, we can and then just walk through it together.

We design and manufacturer everything we sell…..
Seems strange to have to say it but it does need to be said. We have real engineers on staff that are constantly working on improving our wireless systems. This is extremely important because as with most electronic devices regular updates and improvements are required. Think of your smart phone and how often you get an update from them. We do the same thing – as a matter of fact we have an entire page devoted to firmware and software updates for all our products. And since we are wireless, you can choose to have the updates performed automatically so all your equipment in the field will have the latest firmware. That is a huge deal…. It’s pretty common to receive a new feature on your existing products, just with a free firmware update.. I’m not aware of anyone offering that….
It is extremely common for “new camera companies” to show up and start promoting their “brand new camera” with all “new features”. But when they actually hit the market, they are really no different than all the other “new companies” that have gone out of business, because they all get the same design from overseas – Then have it put in a slightly different enclosure and call it theirs… Seen it time and time again…. The main problem is intellectual property being held in China is for sale…. anyone can buy and make it their own…. What we have learned is if you want to stay in this business you have to design and manufacture everything yourself. This is what keeps us ahead of the competition. Sure, we have people trying to replicate our equipment and steal our ideas but it is way more difficult than just putting the hardware in a box (but don’t tell them)…

We write our own code and software.
This is a big one… probably the biggest. Having complete control over our entire product line is what really separates us from everyone else. This keeps us current and always keeps our customers VERY happy as they will never get stuck with a faulty system ever. If you look at the typical camera “manufacturer”, they receive their shipment of cameras in their pretty retail packaging. Everyone one of them made exactly alike – and then they find out they have an issue that causes failures in the field. So, they have thousands of cameras that all have the same issue, all sealed up ready to be sold. This is why so many camera companies go out of business.
We are constantly testingĀ  all the systems as they go through production. Since we designed it, we know how to test it and how to fix any issues that may come up during production. Having complete control of the process makes a huge difference. This applies to not only the product firmware but also the software. Software has to be able to operate on a large variety of platforms including MAC and Windows. We normally receive advance copies of the next operating system to be released by either MAC or Windows so we can test our software to make sure it is completely compatible. There’s just a lot more to it than having a website….

Bottom line is we have always done things differently because our product line demands it. We would have never gotten to where we have today if we wouldn’t have made our own roads. It is what we still do today. It’s not the easiest route but it is the best way to get there.

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