BuckEye Cam Tactical

Be sure to check out our BEC Tactical site and Facebook page specifically covering our tactical side products. BEC Tactical is just a way for us to cover specific topics and applications so to better assist our tactical customers.
Our product line has become so versatile over the years that we really needed to segregate our lines simply because the needs and questions we receive from our wildlife community tends to be completely different than the questions we receive from the tactical customers. Although a larger percentage of the information is covered very similarly between the groups, the presentation of the information usually needs to be different.
BEC Tactical site covers an in depth look at how to apply the systems in different situations and setups including how to integrate the BEC system with existing sensors and systems.  The site also covers the GSA and SBA for our government customers insuring they receive the best price possible without having to go to bid our get additional quotes from other sources.

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions at all!


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