Political Views and Business

I guess I’m old enough to remember a time when the political arena was no place for a business. I am also old enough to have seen a lot of businesses go out of business trying to push a political agenda rather than just running their business.

Who are these people? 
Our industry is competitive enough without trying to hamstring our entire corporation with our “personal” political views. Who are these people that are willing to risk their entire company and all their employees fate over a personal political position? I get it that some are just doing it for the old adage of “any marketing is good marketing” but there is always a tipping point.
Why would you want to rally so many potential customers against your business based on a singular political view? Is your business doing so well that you can afford to alienate an entire customer base? I just don’t see it. I really just don’t see it.

My political view
My personal political view has no business being, well, in our business. Our business is in the business to win customers over by our high quality product and keep them coming back because of our excellent support and customer service. It’s tough to make it in this industry as it is, let alone trying to be some social justice warrior worried too much about politics and not enough about their products/services. Besides the fact that this seems to be an American issue that a lot of our customers overseas 1) Don’t understand and 2) Could really care less about our “first world American” problems..
So don’t be “that guy”….

My hope
My hope is that everyone buys our products. We stand behind our products and hope that all sides of the political world just sees us for what we stand for – A company that makes one heck of a wireless system. I know we have played a vital role on most sides of the political world and that’s exactly the way it should be. We want your business, first and foremost because that’s how we stay in business and that how our employees keep their jobs, pay their mortgages and raise their families. That is what is important to me and our company.
All the while big corporations are out there pitting everyone against one another is some fashion to make a political statement and I just want our company to be successful. Our wireless systems are used by hunters, by researchers, by the left, the right and the center. Our goal is to make your goal easier.
You want to save the snow leopard? Glad to help!
You want to catch poachers in the jungle? Glad to help!
You want to monitor the glacier flow? Glad to help!
You want to catch your neighbor harassing your cats? Glad to help! (true story)
You want to get a picture of that monster buck? Glad to help!
You get the idea…. It’s a big world out there…..



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