Software and Firmware

We are constantly throwing around the terms software and firmware. So what is it?

Most understand what “software” is, but what about firmware?
Firmware is more like the operating system for each device. The firmware actually is stored on each device individually and the software is stored on the computer.

When we add features or functions to a device such as camera, it may require a software and firmware update.
Sometimes updates may only require a software or firmware update only (not both). Really just depends on what changes are made as to which needs updated. Without going into a long dissertation on software/firmware nuances it really is just that basic.


Should you update every time?
We strongly encourage to keep your system updated. This includes firmware and software. We are constantly making improvements, adding features and occasionally even fixing bugs in our code. So by keeping your system updated you are making sure that you have all the latest cool features and some fixes as well.
Plus all the updates are pretty painless and quick. Your software should notify you when there are updates available (you will see a green arrow in the header of the software). Software updates require you to click and run (operating systems require your confirmation) but you can have the firmware updates performed automatically. Firmware updates are done wirelessly so really no reason not to.

We have been asked before if we write our own code. The answer is yes, we do write all our own code including software and firmware.

You can always check the latest downloads available for all devices on our downloads page

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