The Wireless Journey Never Ends…

Wireless systems seem to be an ever evolving topic. Fortunately for us, we continue to evolve with the systems. Since early 2002 we have been working on perfecting the wireless system.

We came up with our very first wireless camera concept, then began designing and went into production late 2003. Obviously, this was WELL before any trail cameras were even on the market, let alone any wireless infrared trail cameras.

To put it into context, Blackberry phones were just starting to “catch on” and the first iPhone wasn’t going to be released for 4 more years….

Our designs have broken more ground in the camera industry then just about anyone else ever has….Not just “wireless” stuff either….

Here are a few:

  • First to offer a portable remote wireless camera system (2004)
  • First to offer dual lens technology – (2004)
  • First to offer reliable Passive Infrared detection (2004)
  • First to introduce infrared flash trail camera technology (2004)
  • First to have sub 1/4 second trigger speed (2004)
  • First to have sub 1 second delay (2004)
  • First to have multiple base options (Portable, PC, Cellular and Netbase)
  • First to offer completely invisible (940nm) infrared option (2005)
  • First to offer rechargeable SLA battery option (2004)
  • First to offer solar charging option (2004)
  • First to offer a system that can be wireless or standalone (modular)
  • First to offer free software and firmware updates (as well as wireless updates)

Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday . — John Wayne


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